A dedicated wallet for your blockchain project

Tokengui is a cross-platform desktop wallet for tokens on the Waves Protocol.


Tokengui was specifically created for startups and existing projects on the Waves Protocol. Launched by the creator of WavesFX to build your own dedicated desktop wallet for your Token.


Tokengui desktop wallets are supported on Windows, MacOS as well as Linux operating systems.

Custom Logo & Theme

Wallets built by Tokengui only carry logos and theme colors of your choice.

Modern Design & Lightweight

Even with a modern look and feel Tokengui wallets do not neglect responsiveness.

Explore Tokengui

Tokengui follows the principle of simplicity. A user-friendly design without any unnecessary gimmicks.

Versatile Solution

Safely manage and import multiple Private-Key or Seed Phrase based Waves Protocol accounts. Additionally, Tokengui supports several languages.

Clear Overview

Spare your users from getting distracted with tranactions involving spam tokens. Tokengui wallets only displays transactions involving Waves and a set of tokens specified by the user or yourself.

Choice of Fee

Tokengui wallets automatically detects tokens eligible for sponsored transactions and lets the user pick between paying fees in Waves or your own token.

Straightforward Payments

No need to deal with long and unrecognizable addresses. Tokengui generates QR Codes of your addresses.